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Hosted in Switzerland by AlbaHosting

Thanks to data protection laws and Swiss neutrality, we guarantee the confidentiality of all your data, from processing to storage.

Albahosting's servers meet strict security standards: All data is encrypted and the servers are protected by biometric access. In addition, they are powered exclusively by green power.


data protection

In addition to the protection offered by the Swiss legislation, the architecture of Seenjab has been designed in such a way that the data is processed completely anonymously.

The data is processed and encrypted so that no other user or even a system administrator can access it.


Innovative QR login.

Once configured in the Seenjab mobile app, QR authentication allows for quick and easy login into the Dashboard by scanning a QR code from the login page.

This modern method simplifies the authentication process by dispensing with the password, while ensuring security by checking at any time which device is able to log in.


Double delocalized backup

The backups are stored to two separate geographical locations in Switzerland to ensure data security in case of an incident in one of the different datacenters.


open-source cryptography

Seenjab uses modern, reputable and auditable open-source cryptographic libraries to provide maximum security to users.

All connections are encrypted with the latest version of TLS, a protocol even more secure than SSL!


Soon OCR by machine learning

We are currently developing an improved character recognition system using Machine Learning (AI) to further automate the processing of documents, and make it even easier to manage your documents!